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Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR)


MVHR is a whole house air ventilation system which supplies fresh air into all habiltable rooms and extracts contaminated stale air from the property whilst recycling the heat generated within it.

It is important to note, MVHR is NOT a heating system nor is it an air conditioning system, but designed and installed correctly it will minimise the heat losses from within your property.

Although MVHR can be installed in any building, its use is not justified unless you have a well insulated & airtight house, therefore the istallation of this type of system is best carried out during renovation works or during the initial building of the property.

The system:

A MVHR system comprises of a Heat Recovery Unit and a network of ducting which is connected to each room.

The Heat recovery Unit continuously extracts air from Kitchens, Utility rooms,  Bathrooms & Toilets of the property, and passes the warm stale air over a heat exchanger before extracting the stale air to outside.

At the same time, fresh clean air is drawn in from outside, passes through a filter and is also drawn through the heat exchanger and recovers up to 95% of the heat. This heated air then supplies air for the habitable rooms such as living rooms and bedrooms.

When higher rates of ventilation are required (Cooking, bathing, etc) the system can be boosted to a higher extract rate.

In warmer months a summer by-pass function helps ensure comfort levels are maintained in the home.  When the summer by-pass is activated, the dwelling continues to be ventilaated and recieve fresh filtered air, however the heat recovery process is intermittently switched off (heat recovery is by-passed).

Benefits  of MVHR

  • Constant supply of fresh, healthy, filtered air to your home

  • The best available ventilation system for new or existing homes

  • No trickle vents or bathroom extractor fans required

  • Eliminates mould, mildew and combats condensation

  • Recovers up to 95% of heat extracted from wet rooms

  • Natural cooling without opening windows

  • Balanced heat distribution throughout the home

  • Your home is quieter and draught free

  • Complies with the latest building control requirements

  • Clinically proven to help allergy and asthma sufferers

  • Fully controllable system with manual or remote controls

  • Reduce your heating costs by up to 25%

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